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Friday, March 18, 2011

FAKE Lioele Product!! BEWARE!

After seeing fuzkittie's video on this product, I decided to give it a try.  I've been on a BB cream craze lately and I too prefer the glowy look rather than the matte look.  Since you can't buy Lioele products directly from Lioele here in the states (from what I know so far), I bought one off of ebay.  I bought my Missha Perfect Cover BB cream off of ebay and it was fine so I did the same for Lioele.  I bought the Lioele Beyond the Solution BB cream and the Lioele Silky Highlighter BB cream (from two different sellers).  The Beyond the Solution BB cream was authentic.  However, the Silky Highlighter was not.

How can you tell if it is not real?  The most important factor was the fact that the product was in Japanese!  WtF?!?!?  Lioele is a Korean company and the product was shipped from Korea so why does the product have Japanese on it?  It just doesn't make sense.  It wasn't just a little Japanese like some products have explanations of the product in multiple languages.  This one was entirely Japanese on the back of this product.

So I gave the seller (kgoodshop) a bad review saying the product was not authentic (he's lucky I didn't ask for my money back!).  The seller actually emailed me asking me to change my review and said he sells only authentic products and that the product is in Korean... totally making it seem like I'm an idiot and can't differentiate between Korean and Japanese.  Ass!  So I emailed him these pics to prove my point and his response was.. "That's weird.  Lioele Silky Highlighter doesn't have SPF"  Apparently the real one doesn't have SPF while this fake one says SPF 27 on the back.  This makes sense because my Lioele Beyond the Solution doesn't have SPF either.  After that.. no more emails.

However, what confuses me is that when I looked at fuzkittie's video closely, her highlighter is in Japanese as well and she got her's from  Does that mean is also selling products that aren't authentic or are all the Lioele highlighters in Japanese???  I don't know.. you make the decision.

I think sellers like the one I bought mine from are preying on the non-Asians who wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the languages.  Since this BB cream craze is translating to many makeup gurus who aren't Asian, they are exploiting that fact.  The seller even had me (A KOREAN) second-guessing myself on my own language.  Ass!  So non-Asians and even some Asians.. BEWARE.  There are people in this world who will take advantage of your trusting nature.  :(

As for a review on the product... after being duped, that just left a bad taste in my mouth.  I don't like it.  First off I don't like the brush that is attached to it.  It's hard to gauge how much product is coming out especially if you don't use the brush to apply it.  When too much product comes out, I'll only transfer a small amount onto the back of my hand and the rest will just sit in the brush (eek!).  Then the next time I use it, I feel like it's unsanitary because there are remnants of cream from my previous use.

All in all.. DO NOT LIKE.


  1. Can you recommend a good seller for lioele products on ebay such as the one that gave you the Genuine Product. I m looking for a good seller to purchase from.

  2. wait... she got hers from pretty and cute? i got mines from prettyandcute and it was in korean. you should look at people who perchase from prettyandcute cause they have authentic lioele creams. jen frmheadtotoe got it from prettyandcute also and its korean.

  3. @Jennifer-- Sorry for the late response. I bought my authentic Lioele from the seller BelloGirl on ebay. She was more expensive than the other sellers but maybe it's because the products are authentic.

    @Anonymous-- Really? If that's the case then that's good. I'm tempted to order one from prettyandcute just to see... but the product isn't that great.

  4. Bellogirl is definitely an authentic eBay seller and even though her items are a little more expensive than the other sellers, I'd rather not get counterfeit items and pay a little more.

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  6. This is KGOODSHOP, ebay seller of Lioele items. We are authorized seller of Lioele cosemtic in ebay.If you don't believe,send email to lioele ( or call 82-02-2646-6597 Attn Ms Chung, we never ever sell fake lioele items since we start this business. thank you!

  7. I think there might be a misunderstanding. It's not hard to verified if the Japanese packaging is from Lioele or not. Lioele is very responsive on facebook. Japan is the second largest market for Lioele products, it's not unreasonable for Lioele to print the product information in Japan for their Japanese customers. and Lioele in Hong kong are also partners of Lioele. Right now there might not be Chinese written on the product itself, but they do print out stickers for them to stick onto the product packaging. It's just not a smart to distributed products in other countries without having instructions or list of ingredients that they can read.

    As for you can see we are the only authorized U.S distribution for Lioele.

    Since we started selling Lioele in 2010. We have successfully became their largest online retailer in the United States. they are starting to put more English on the product's packaging. I don't know how much Lioele products you own, but they are constantly changing their packaging. A lot of products have been renamed and repackaged. You should Join their facebook. It will help with your uncertainties.!/LioeleKorea

    I hope this answers your question to your post.

    CEO Pretty&Cute, LLC.

    1. Thanks Janie for your reply. I have heard only good things about your site from people on YouTube. I apologize if your good name got dragged through the mud. That wasn't my intent. I didn't have a good experience with the eBay seller and felt duped. Their response to me wasn't satisfactory as your detailed response about the Lioele company.

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  9. Hi there!

    This is a little old now so you may or may not care ^_^

    But as someone who lives in Japan I can tell you that all of the major Korean makeup houses have their products produced in Japanese packaging for sale here. Korean makup is big business here in Japan, and women frequently take trips to Korea just to buy it (myself included!)

    Even in Korea you will see many of the major brands with primarily Japanese packaging just due to the overwhelming ny=umber of japanese tourists.

    So like I said, you may or may not care at this point, may or may not even believe me! But I don't think that you received a fake product!

    1. Thanks Machi for your post. I actually do believe you and wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. The only reason I thought this product was a fake was the response from the seller. When he emailed me he didn't respond like you. He said the Japanese writing on the product was Korean. That's why I felt this was a fake or a scam or some sort.

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